Relive the Film “Your Name” in Nagano

January 6th, 2017

Now playing in theaters across Japan and around the world, animated film Your Name has already left a large mark on filmmaking history. It is now the second highest-grossing anime film of all time, netting over $288,800,000 (USD) worldwide. (No. 1 is Spirited Away with over $289,090,000 USD.)

One of Your Name’s major backdrops is Itomori-machi, countryside home of main character Miyamizu Mitsuha. Encircling a large lake and surrounded by distant mountains, Itomori-machi is uncannily similar to Nagano prefecture’s Suwa region. And already people have taken notice and visited in droves to bathe in the landscapes that inspired the movie’s scenery.

(See the Suwa area’s English tourism site here.)

Evening View of Lake Suwa as seen from Tateishi Park

Shinkai Makoto, director of Your Name, also notes that his first inspiration for Lake Itomori was Lake Matsubara in his hometown of Koumi-machi, another area of Nagano.

(See Koumi’s Japanese tourism site here.)

If you too have fallen in love with this anime hit, why not visit the beautiful landscapes that inspired it?