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April 21st, 2017

Nagano Prefectural Tourism Official Mail Magazine

April 21st, 2017
Published by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Department Tourism Promotions Division
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How are you today?

Thank you very much for reading the spring edition of our official mail magazine. Now, we bring you our summer edition, from June to August, which is full of our recommended sightseeing information.

Early morning mists, evenings when the frogs begin to chirp, and night skies filled with shooting stars. In these moments, more so than daytime, you can personally experience the mysterious passage of time, and enjoy the coolness characteristic of Nagano’s summers.

May this issue’s mail magazine be your guide to Nagano in summer, and allow you to enjoy to the fullest the season and all it has to offer. This summer, enjoy a wealth of refreshing activities in Nagano’s great outdoors.

Table of Contents

Nagano Navi, Nagano’s New Sightseeing App

Many travelers to Japan have expressed frustrations that finding information for public transportation is quite difficult. In Nagano, it is sometimes necessary to travel by bus or taxi to one’s destination. While we have bus timetables and other public transportation information on our website, it can be difficult for travelers to access this on the road.

But now, we are happy to release a new, free application for Apple and Android devices which makes it easier than ever to travel around Nagano: the Nagano Navi! It features a wealth of sightseeing spot, train, bus and taxi information so that travelers can easily and conveniently move around Nagano.

Sightseeing spots, taxi and bus stands, and other public facilities can be searched by area and viewed on a map. A route search feature allows you to plot a course between your current position and desired location, or between any two locations of your choice. Other useful information such as digital pamphlets, medical facilities, and volunteer guides are available as well.

The application is available in six languages: Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Koren, and Thai language.

The Nagano Navi App was released on April 21st, 2017. Read the QR code on the right of our homepage to download it for yourself!

Jump Right In! A Revitalizing Summer Trip in Nagano

Nagano is a treasure trove of outdoor activities. Memories made while playing in the midst of nature aren’t soon to be forgotten. Make the great outdoors of Nagano your stage for an extraordinary getaway.

  • Fascinated by the Mountains – An Encounter in Nagano

    • VISIT Active Shinshu
      More Information: Homepage
    • Nagano Pref. Outdoor Leisure Guide “Goat”
      More Information: Homepage
  • Utsukushigahara Kogen

    Located in central Nagano, it makes up part of one of the prefecture’s largest quasi-national parks. The plateau extends to Matsumoto City, Ueda City and Nagawa Town, and beginning with the highest peak of Ogato at 2,034m, Ogabana (2,008m), Chausuyama (2,006m), Ushibuseyama (1,997m), and Takeshimine (1,973m) make up the near 2,000m high region known as Utsukushigahara.
    The mountain top is a pasture for cows known as “Utsukushigahara Ranch,” and a variety of short and long distance trekking courses are maintained here.

  • Takamine Kogen

    At an altitude of 2,000m, Takamine Kogen is a gentle-sloped area west of the towering mountainous figure of Asamayama, centered around the Kurumazaka Pass. 17 kilometers from downtown Komoro City, the abundant nature of the Joshinetsu Highland National Park is only a 50-minute drive away.

    From May to October is hiking season. November to April is snow season, when you can also enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

    • Enjoy Alpine Flowers on Trekking Courses Suitable for all Ages
      More Information: Information Sheet
    • A Silent Night: Enjoy Night Hiking in Takamine Kogen Beneath a Glittering, Starry Sky
      More Information: Information Sheet
    • Komoro City Tourism
      More Information: Homepage
  • Shigakogen

    Shigakogen is also home to many summer attractions.
    From the end of May, buds begin sprouting on the mountain and cover it in fresh greenery. Enjoy pretty alpine flowers and trekking courses suitable for any experience level, all in a refreshing highland climate that feels like natural air conditioning in the heart of summer.
    Shigakogen is home to a number of unique hot springs. After trekking, relax your body in natural spring water.
    Challenging yourself to climb mountains is one of summer’s joys, but you can also ride ropeways to a world above the clouds and stroll at a more leisurely pace!

  • Otari Village

    Viewing the grand Northern Japanese Alps, Otari Village is surrounded by a rich but harsh natural environment. The mountains here which fascinate climbers exude beauty and strength.
    This mountainous village which retains a Japanese traditional landscape is filled with nostalgia and simplicity, something often missing from our everyday lives.

  • Iiyama City

    Located in Nagano’s northernmost area, Iiyama City is the embodiment of Japan’s traditional landscape. Elegant temple townscapes, highlands and forests that continue deep into the mountains, and other rich natural features have fostered unique culture, history, and customs.
    In March of 2015 the Hokuriku Shinkansen opened between Nagano and Kanazawa, and Shinkansen Iiyama Station was born. Now access from around the country is even more convenient than before.

  • The Joy of Touching the Sky

    Challenging mountain peaks is one of summer’s joys, but you can travel to a world above the clouds with ease by ropeway, and walk in the highlands, stroll through evening woods, and touch the stars.

    • Visit SORA Terrace via World-Class Gondola for Superb Views
      More Information: Information Sheet

    • Senjojiki Cirque
      Travel via the Chuo Alps Komagatake Ropeway to the 2,600m high Senjojiki Cirque, where during July and August you can see over 150 types of wild alpine flowers. Towering Hokendake, distant Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji, one hour lap course recommend. For those interested in an active trail to Komagatake (2 hours each way), we’d like to introduce our local mountain guides.
      More Information: Homepage
    • Travel by Gondola to Japan’s No. 1 Starry Sky
      More Information: Homepage (Japanese)
  • A Forest of Adventure for Unforgettable Memories

    In dazzling green forests of summer, the leaves rustle as they are shaken by the wind, the chirps of birds reverberate, cicadas cry in an ever-louder chorus. It buzzes with sounds of summer. Lending your ears to the orchestra of the woods is just one more way to experience nature during summer.
    Summer woods have plentiful activities for parents and children to enjoy together, such as camping and outdoor workshops. To enjoy Nagano’s great outdoors, why not set off the woods and make some unforgettable memories?

    • Northern Alps International Art Festival 2017 Shinano Omachi Food and Art Gallery
      Omachi City is an inland region located in the northwest of Nagano prefecture, bordering Hakuba Village to the North, Nagano City and Ogawa Village to the East, Azumino to the Southwest, and Toyama and Gifu Prefectures to the West.
      At the base of the Northern Japanese Alps, Omachi City is a perfect place for outdoor activities and workshops to enjoy nature, with delicious fresh foods and plentiful charm to boot.
      More Information: Information Sheet

    • Habiro Road Trekking Course
      More Information: Information Sheet
    • Rising Field Karuizawa
      More Information: Information Sheet
    • Family Day Camp with Tateshina/Yatsugatake International Nature School
      Enjoy the verdant forests of Kita-yatsugatake during the popular Family Day Camp. (Requires reservation at least one week in advance)
      More Information: Homepage (Japanese)
    • Hakuba EX Adventure
      Enjoy a number of activities in this athletic playground. Built 8 meters off the ground, the thrilling Hakuba EX course features 17 unique elements to enjoy. For small children, there are swings and other items available as well.
      More Information: Homepage (Japanese)
    • Forest Life Guide Picchio
      Children enjoy the outdoors of course, and Parents can too. Sometimes grandparents come along as well! In Karuizawa’s rich forests, families can adventure together, and experience together! Play in Karuizawa’s wilderness with Picchio.
      More Information: English Homepage, Japanese Homepage

Useful Information

Checklist for Mountain Trekking

The mountains of Shinshu are filled with surprise and awe! But are you ready to go just yet?

  1. Preparations are important

    • Choose courses that suit your fitness level
    • Make a flexible plan that takes into account the change in elevation, distance, and presence of mountain huts
  2. Proper Clothing and Things to Bring

    • Wear trekking shoes with stiff soles
    • Wear clothing in layers for easy adjustment to changes in temperature
    • Raingear, hat, gloves
    • Course guide
    • Food and water (watered-down sports drinks are ideal)
    • Cell phone, and occasionally bear bells
  3. Things to Watch Out for During Your Hike

    • Rest once every 30 minutes to one hour and have some food and water
    • Turn back if you feel you’ve lost track of the course.
    • Lightning, fog, and strong winds require care, if you feel in trouble evacuate to a safe place
    • Be careful of bees, bears, snakes and ticks.
  4. Practice Good Manners

    • Take your garbage home with you.
    • Don’t harm or bring home plants. Don’t walk outside of the trail.
    • Exchange greetings and information with passersby.
    • Do not bring pets with you.

Today’s Tweet

Today I sent information about Nagano’s various summer activities. I hope you enjoyed it.

I would like to say this again: Nagano’s summer is SO refreshing. It does not get muggy, since there is no humidity. During the morning walk by the stream, you will feel the air so clear, and hear the stream murmur in the morning stillness. What luxury! And the water coming out of the faucet is cold even in the summer. Please feel the blessings of nature throughout your body!

I have lived in Nagano for 25 years now. In the summer, my neighbors leave fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and other fresh vegetables at the entrance of our home. On my way home from a bicycle ride with my child, I met a friend, who gave me sweet-smelling peaches. Such a relationship is so rare in big cities, and makes me feel so comforted.

As I provide you with Nagano’s tourism info, I come to find more beauties of Nagano each time, and there is a lot more in Nagano. I almost wish I could keep all information to myself, since Nagano is so comforting, but I know it is not fair. I will continue to share the blessings of the great nature of Nagano with all of you!


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