Nagano Navi, Nagano’s New Sightseeing App

April 21st, 2017

Many travelers to Japan have expressed frustrations that finding information for public transportation is quite difficult. In Nagano, it is sometimes necessary to travel by bus or taxi to one’s destination. While we have bus timetables and other public transportation information on our website, it can be difficult for travelers to access this on the road.

But now, we are happy to release a new, free application for Apple and Android devices which makes it easier than ever to travel around Nagano: the Nagano Navi! It features a wealth of sightseeing spot, train, bus and taxi information so that travelers can easily and conveniently move around Nagano.

Sights, taxi and bus stands, and other public facilities can be searched by area and viewed on a map. A route search feature allows you to plot a course between your current position and desired location, or between any two locations of your choice. Other useful information such as digital pamphlets, medical facilities, and volunteer guides are available as well.

The application launches in six languages: Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai language.

Read the QR code on the right of this page to download it for yourself!