For those Traveling to Nagano and/or Planning to Climb Mt. Asama

August 8th, 2019

To Hikers Planning to Climb Mt. Asama

The Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the Volcanic Alert level of Mt. Asama to Level 3 (entrance restricted/climbing prohibited) as of Wednesday, August 7th at 22:30. Caution must be exercised for falling rocks and pyroclastic flow within a 4km radius of the volcanic crater.

Restrictions on Mt. Asama Trailheads

Police officers have been dispatched to each of the four Mt. Asama trailheads in Nagano Prefecture to restrict access.

  • Koasamayama Trailhead
  • Mt. Sekison Trailhead
  • Ichinotorii Trailhead
  • Takamine Kogen Trailhead

The current restricted access area is covered by the concentric circles on this map.

Please follow the instructions of local authorities and refrain from entering dangerous areas.

To Non-Hikers

The area beyond Mt. Asama is unaffected by the eruption and sightseeing facilities are operating as usual.

Due to the eruption, access to the area within a 4km radius of the volcanic crater has been restricted and trailheads are closed; however, sightseeing facilities and public transportation around Mt. Asama, such as Komoro City, Miyota Town, Karuizawa Town, etc., are running normally. We look forward to welcoming you in the Saku region.

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