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August 12th, 2014

Otari Taiko Performance & Taiko Trial 

Taiko drum is an indigenous part of Japanese culture dating back more than 1400 years. You not only have chance to experience the awe-inspiring sound of local taiko drum performed by local professional team, but also play the taiko drum together with the team. Let’s enjoy making music and receiving a good physical workout at the same time!

Yoga at Happo One Mountain 

Want to refresh your body & mind with a unique yoga? Look no further our yoga class which offers you an exclusive yoga experience with a breathtaking view of Japan Northern Alps. After stretching out your body and enjoy a tasty light lunch with views of the surrounding mountain peaks, you may hike on peaceful trails to the beautiful Happo-ike Pond. This is one of must-do things in summer.

Yukata Experience & Tea Ceremony 

It is a unique experience to wear Japanese traditional summer clothe, called Yukata. Local staffs are willing to teach you how to wear it. Tea Ceremony is one of the Japanese sophisticated cultures and not only to drink matcha (green tea) but also to learn about the Japanese spirit of hospitality. Share the colorful photos to your facebook and twitter and let your family or friends know this unique fun.

Zazen & Calligraphy Experience at a temple in Nagano 

Zazen (sitting meditation) has been being in the limelight in the world recently. Make yourself sit upright in a traditional temple in Nagano. Let your mind be spacious and your heart be kind and soft. The art of Zazen is simple but not always easy. It allows you a natural refreshing and purifying experience.【Calligraphy writing】Chanting and copying of Buddhist scriptures, called sutra, in a limited time. After you finished calligraphy writing, you can feel accomplishment with your smile!







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