Hakuba Mountain Harbor Opens Just in Time for Autumn Sightseeing

October 5th, 2018

The entrance to Hakuba Mountain Harbor

The terrace hangs over the forest below at up to 12 meters above the ground

Enjoy incredible mountain scenery at Hakuba Iwatake’s newly opened Hakuba Mountain Harbor. Floating above the forest below, the 320m2 terrace directly faces Hakuba’s Sanzan mountains: Mts. Shirouma, Shakushi, and Hakuba Yari.

The Mountain Harbor terrace officially opens tomorrow, Saturday, October 6th, and will operate during both green and winter seasons. It will remain open for autumn until November 11th, 2018, and reopen for winter season around the end of the year.

The City Bakery offers a sumptuous selection of pastries and beverages

The City Bakery, a New York City institution, is opening a location at the terrace, so you can enjoy fresh pastries (like their pretzel croissant), sandwiches, and coffee while taking in the view.

In the next few weeks, snow will crown the mountain tops and autumn foliage will spread towards the valley floor. At their peak, you can see Hakuba’s famous three-tiered autumn scenery: white snow, red leaves, and green forest below.

Hakuba Mountain Harbor Details

Opening Period (autumn): October 6th to November 11th
Hours (seasonal): 9:00 to 16:00
Price: Roundtrip gondola tickets are 1,800 yen
Access: From Hakuba Station, take the Tsugaike bus line to Iwatake Ski Resort. Ride the Noah Gongola to the top of Iwatake Ski Resort and take a short walk to the terrace.

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The backdrop of the Hakuba Sanzan mountains makes for great selfies

The Mountain Harbor terrace seen from beech tree woods

Indoor and outdoor seating are available on the terrace as well as plenty of standing space below