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October 29th, 2014




                Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter Vol. 2

                                                 October 29, 2014

                  Issued by: International Tourism Promotion Office,

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How are you?

Here is our winter (November ~ March) fun information from Nagano!

Don’t miss skiing and snowboarding in winter in Nagano!

After skiing, soak in the hot spring and relax.

A tranquil snowy landscape looks so fanciful.

There is a lot more fun between skiing. One of them is traditional winter festivals, which are uniquely Japanese.

Please enjoy the winter issue of our newsletter!





 Table of Content 


 1 Ski Resort Information


 2 Ski/Snowboard School Conducted in Foreign Languages


 3 Other Winter Fun


 4 Opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen Iiyama Station




           1. Ski Resort Information



Looking for a ski resort in Nagano? Don’t miss the Big 4!


 ●○●Hakuba Area●○●

Hakuba is a ski resort with a spectacular snowy landscape, and the one loved by the Australian skiers the most. The access is easy with a direct bus service from Narita Airport (from December 19~March 8). The ski jumps used during the 1998 Winter Olympics are open to visitors. You can take a chair lift to climb to the starting gate to see a breathtaking view the Olympic ski jumpers actually saw.

http://www.hakubavalley.jp/winter/ (English/Korean/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)

Direct bus service from Narita Airport

 http://www.alpico.co.jp/access/express/hakuba_narita/ (Japanese)

 http://www.alpico.co.jp/traffic/express/narita_hakuba/en/ (English)


 ●○●Shiga Highlands Area●○●

Closest ski resort to Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park. Please enjoy the world’s leading powder snow away from hustle and bustle. You can use your lift pass at ALL of the 19 ski areas in Shiga Highlands, and the shuttle bus connecting these ski areas are free! Stay there for a long time and enjoy whole of Shiga Highlands! The view from the top of Mt. Yokote (2,305m) is stunning on a sunny day! You can even see Mt. Fuji!

http://www.shigakogen.gr.jp/season/index.html (English/Korean/Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)



 ●○●Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort●○●

Nozawa Onsen Village provides 100% natural snow because they have a large amount of snowfall. They have courses with uncompressed snow, and their snow park is fully equipped with a half pipe, kickers, boxes, etc.! Please enjoy bathing in the hot spring after skiing. Sparena is an outdoor hot spring bathhouse which opened last season. You can enjoy soaking in hot spring water in a bathing suit.

http://www.nozawaski.com/winter/ (English/Korean/Japanese/Simplified Chinese)


http://www.nozawaski.com/winter/facilities/arena.php (Japanese only)



 ●○●Madarao Highlands Ski Resort●○●

They are known for spectacular tree runs with uncompressed snow, and there are seven of them! With an additional fee, you can also use Tangram Ski Circus next door.

http://www.madarao.jp/ski/ (English/Japanese)



Go to the website below, and search hotels at Hakuba, Shiga Highlands and Nozawa Onsen ski resorts!


http://www.snowlove.net/japan/ (English)


This is a special deal only for our guests from overseas! During the winter, NAGANO SNOW RESORT PASS is available for buses and trains connecting Nagano Station, Wild Monkey Park, Yudanaka Onsen, Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen and Togakushi Shrine. It is a money-saving, all-you-can-ride pass. We will let you know more details on GO! Nagano, Nagano’s official tourism website





Reasonable Ski Resort for Beginners


 ○●○Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort○●○

Only one hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen, and this ski resort is great for beginners.

Nagano’s largest shopping mall is right next door. Stay at the Prince Hotel, and get a great discount!

http://www.princehotels.co.jp/ski/karuizawa/ (Japanese)

http://www.princehotels.com/en/ski/karuizawa/index.html (English)



 ○●○Ina Ski Resort○●○

If you are a beginner skier or snowboarder, get free lessons at Ina Ski Resort! It is best for your first experience because the slopes are gentle.

You can enjoy night skiing every day, and the restaurant caters to the needs of vegetarians.

http://inaski.com/2014/ (Japanese only)

Information Sheet: (English)




    2. Ski/Snowboard School Conducted in Foreign Languages


Hakuba Area

Evergreen Outdoor Center

http://www.evergreen-hakuba.com/jwinter-activities.html (English/Japanese)


Hakuba Happo One Ski School

http://www.hakuba-happo.or.jp/ski/ (English/Japanese)


Hakuba Goryu Ski School

http://www.hakubasnowdragon.com/日本語/ (Japanese /Chinese)


Hakuba Goryu Ski School

http://tsunokai.com/hakuba/?page_id=1850 (English/Japanese)


Shiga Highlands Area

 Sugiyama School・・・Oku Shiga Highlands Ski Resort, Shiga Highlands Yakebitai Ski Resort

  http://www.sugiyama-ski.com/ (English/Japanese)




               3. Other Winter Fun



 ◆◇◆Snow Mobile Ride◆◇◆

Ride a snow mobile, and enjoy snowy fields and winds!


http://hakuba.lion-adventure.com/snowmobile/ (English/Japanese)


Shiga Highlands Mt. Yakebitai Ski Area

http://hakuba.lion-adventure.com/shigakogen/ (English/Japanese)


Tangram Ski Circus

http://www.tangram.jp/ski/ (Japanese)

Information Sheet: (English)



 ◆◇◆Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park◆◇◆

Come visit the world’s only monkeys bathing in a hot spring bath! They look so cute relaxing in the outdoor bath surrounded by a snowy landscape.

http://www.jigokudani-yaenkoen.co.jp/ (English/Japanese)


 ◆◇◆Nozawa Dosojin Fire Festival◆◇◆

One of Japan’s Top Three Fire Festivals, this intense event is held every year on January 15th. One squad of villagers tries to set a fire on the massive tower, and the other tries to protect it. The view is overwhelming. The event climaxes when the tower catches fire.

http://www.nozawakanko.jp/spot/dousozin.php (Japanese)

http://nozawakanko.jp/english/news/2012/11/dosojin-fuestival-is-held-on-january-15.php (English)


 ◆◇◆Iiyama Kamakura Snow Hut Restaurant◆◇◆

Kamakura is a small hut made with snow. It is surprisingly warm inside, and you can enjoy piping hot pot of soup there.

At night, the snow huts are lit up, creating a romantic atmosphere. 

http://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/news/2014/09/2144.php (Japanese)

http://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/en/special/kamakura/ (English)

http://www.iiyama-ouendan.net/lang/special/kamakura/index_k.php (Korean)


 ◆◇◆Matsumoto Castle Ice Sculpture Festival◆◇◆

Enjoy Matsumoto Castle in the winter! Ice sculptors gather from all over Japan to participate in “All Japan Ice Sculpture Contest”. A jumbo ice slide is set up for your enjoyment, and the ice sculptures lit up at night look so beautiful.

http://www.mtlabs.co.jp/shinshu/event/koori.htm (Japanese)

http://www.go-nagano.net/?p=3884 (English)


◆◇◆Nagano Tomyo Votive Light Festival◆◇◆

Nagano Votive Light Festival started commemorating Nagano Winter Olympics. Expressing our prayer for the world peace, Zenkoji Temple is lit up with five Olympic colors, and many lanterns are placed on the approach to the Main Hall. Shojin Buddhist vegetarian cuisine and tea with sweets are served at some temple lodgings.

http://www.nagano-toumyou.com/ (Japanese)

http://www.nagano-cvb.or.jp/nagano/sightseeing/E324/05_02_01a_index.html (English)


◆◇◆Hina Doll Festival – 1,000 dolls on 30 steps◆◇◆

In Japan, families display traditionally dressed hina dolls at home on March 3 to pray for healthy growth for girls in the family. In Suzaka, you can meet 6,000 hina dolls from January to April, loved by girls from the Edo to Heisei periods.

http://www.culture-suzaka.or.jp/hinamatsuri/ (Japanese)

Information Sheet: (English)


 ◆◇◆Strawberry Picking◆◇◆

At Miharashi Farm, you can enjoy strawberry picking from January to June. You can eat fresh strawberries as much as you want!

You can also experience soba noodle making and tofu making. Enjoy their all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and hot spring bath.

http://miharashi-farm.com/ (English/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)

Information Sheet: (English)


 ◆◇◆Wakasagi Fishing◆◇◆

Enjoy Wakasagi smelt fishing on Lake Nojiri on a heated and covered fishing boat, or on Lake Reisenji on the ice through a whole made in the ice. You can rent fishing equipment at both places.

Lake Nojiri: http://www.nojiriko-gyokyo.com/?page_id=19 (Japanese)

Lake Nojiri Information Sheet: (English)

Lake Reisenji: http://www.organic-resort.co.jp/nature/reisenjiko/fishing.php (Japanese)

Lake Reisenji Information Sheet: (English)


 ◆◇◆Shimotsuki Festival◆◇◆

Shimotsuki Festival is an impressive Shinto event preserved in Toyamago in Southern Nagano. Villagers portraying myriads of gods dance around a huge pot of boiling water, and splash the boiling water barehanded. It is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset. Director Hayao Miyazaki was inspired by this festival and created the movie Spirited Away.

 http://tohyamago.com/simotuki/okori/ (Japanese)


 ◆◇◆Ebisuko Firework Festival◆◇◆

This is a large firework event held on November 23. Leading firework craftsmen and craftswomen gather from all over Japan to display their craftsmanship at the last firework event of the year. Starmines are spectacular, and large, single fireworks also look beautiful against the clear autumn night sky.

http://www.nagano-cci.or.jp/ebisukou/index.html (Japanese)



Try this winter sport called “Chess on the Ice” at Karuizawa Ice Park! You can rent all equipment, and you can have an instructor too.

http://kazakoshi-park.jp/ice-park/ (Japanese)





       4. Opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen Iiyama Station


Right now, Nagano Shinkansen is connecting Tokyo and Nagano, but on March 14, 2015, it will be extended to Kanazawa, changing its name to Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Nagano will have another Shinkansen station in Iiyama, the one after Nagano Station to go to Kanazawa. Iiyama station is getting ready to welcome tourists from overseas with a visitor center, free Wi-Fi and a free cell phone charging service. Please come and visit Iiyama!



 ~One last thing

It’s been getting cooler and cooler in Nagano, especially in the morning and at night. This means that leaves are turning all over Nagano! There are over 160 places in Nagano, where you can enjoy autumn leaves!

After those pretty leaves fall, the winter sports season comes. I can’t wait! I get up early even on my days off to enjoy the powder first thing in the morning!

In the next spring issue for March to June, I will give you more detailed information about extended Hokuriku Shinkansen, new Iiyama Station and tourist sites around the new station. Don’t miss it!





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