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The appearance of “Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa” surrounded by greenery.
The guestroom “Carmen” is charming with the interior in rose patterns, accommodating up to 5 guests. 

// Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa is operating as usual without any influence of the March 11th earthquake and radiation as of April 13, 2011. Please feel safe to come. //

Today I would like to introduce “Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa”.  As the name suggests, the hotel’s concept is music.  The hotel owner is a great fan of music and his wife, who majored in vocal music at a music university, loves singing.  

When you are in the hotel, you can feel music everywhere.  There is a piano in the dining room, where a small concert is sometimes held.  The hotel keys are attached to wooden key holders in the forms of musical instruments.  There is a large collection of classical music CDs.  Above all, all the guestrooms are named after heroines of opera: Elizabeth (from “Tannhauser”), Tosca (from “Tosca”), Pamina (from “The Magic Flute”), Aida (from “Aida”), Rosina (from “The Barber of Seville”), Carmen (from “Carmen”), and Rosalinde (from “The Bat”).  Each room has a different interior reflecting the image of the opera heroine.

The hotel is, of course, fascinating not only for music lovers but also for anyone who wishes to have a comfortable stay.  The hotel’s location, the northwestern part of Karuizawa, is tranquil and abundant in greenery.  One of the attractions of the hotel is their refreshing open-air bath from which you can enjoy a view of the beautiful national forest.  Since it is a family-bath style, meaning that the bath is used by each guest group in turn, you can have a relaxing bath time privately.  All the guestrooms except for one are also equipped with a private bathroom.  As for dinner, you can choose French multi-course dinner or cheese fondu multi-course dinner, which are prepared by the owner’s wife.  Both the dinners are great.  Breakfast is also voluminous and freshly baked bread is quite popular among guests.

So, in short, I can recommend Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa to everyone!   You can find more photos on their website shown below.  I’m sure you will have a refreshing and memorable stay there.   

Champagne “OPERA” with the Paris Opera House mark can be ordered.
Beautiful and delicious French multi-course dinner.  You can also choose cheese fondu dinner.

Refreshing open-air bath with a view of national forest.


Hearty breakfast. Freshly baked original bread is popular among guests.


Hotel owner and his wife in front of the entrance. They give you a warm welcome.

Name of the facility Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa
Description of business Accommodation
Tel 0267-44-3133 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-44-3122 (Japan country code: 81)
Email opera@sas.janis.or.jp
Address 5664-3, Ohinata, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
Reservations and inquiries  [Inquiry and Reservation Procedure]

  1. Please email an “inquiry message” to opera@sas.janis.or.jp with following information. (1) Name, (2) Address, nationality, phone number and email address, (3) Check-in and check-out dates, (4) Number of guests (basically children aged 10 or younger cannot stay. Please contact), (5) Room type you hope to stay (number of beds, double or twin, etc.), (6) Whether you will have dinner and breakfast, (7) Contact details of the previous night’s stay (location, hotel name, etc.)  (8) Question if you have.
  2. The hotel will email an “inquiry reply message” in English within 24 hours. (If you don’t receive it within 24 hours, your inquiry message might not have safely arrived. In that case, please email your inquiry message again, or fax or call.)
  3. If you agree to the inquiry reply message (above 2), please email a “formal reservation message”.
  4. The hotel will email a “formal reservation confirmation message”.
  5. Please print out the formal reservation confirmation message (above 4) and show it to the hotel when you check in.
  • If you come by train, 15 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station (JR Nagano Shinkansen or Shinano Tetsudo) or 5 minutes by taxi from Shinano Oiwake Station (Shinano Tetsudo, 10 minutes from Karuizawa). The hotel can pick you up at Shinano Oiwake Station except during busy seasons. If you need pickup service, please contact the hotel for availability.
  • If you come by car, you can use Usui Karuizawa I.C., Komoro I.C., Saku I.C., Tobu Yunomaru I.C., or Matsuida Myogi I.C.
Operating hours Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.
Room type and capacity Western-style guestrooms. The hotel can accommodate up to 20 guests.
Rates and other prices JPY10,800 or more per person with dinner and breakfast and JPY6,000 or more per person without meals, both for rooms of 2 to 5 guests. Price is changeable depending on the day and the season.
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

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